Los Alamos
Serving the Children of the World

Important Tips

for New

 Kiwanis Members

Welcome to the Kiwanis Club
of Los Alamos!

We are delighted to have you as one of our members, and we hope that we can match your talents, skills, and ideals with appropriate Kiwanis needs. Please read this list of tips written to help you become a full participant in our organization.


  • Please plan to attend luncheon meetings if at all possible. Sit with someone different each time, and soon you will know all of our members. Good fellowship is one of the delights of Kiwanis. If you must miss a meeting, remember that attendance at a Kiwanis Board meeting or participation in a Kiwanis activity (such as working at a Pancake Breakfast day or “squibbing” shells for the Fourth of July fireworks) will count as a makeup day.
  • Please make sure that your name has been added to the roster of members and that your e-mail address has been added to the list of those receiving the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos Newsletter each week.
  • Please read your newsletter. It will keep you well informed about upcoming activities. If you miss an issue of the Newsletter, remember that it will be available on this website.
  • Kiwanis has many working committees. Please choose at least two on which you would like to serve and notify the club president and the chairperson of the committees you have chosen. (See "Officers and Committees" below on this menu, which lists the current standing committees and their chairpersons.) On the fourth Tuesday of each month, when we hold Committee Days, you should meet with one or both of your committees.
  • Please plan to buy your lunch and a lottery ticket each time you attend a Kiwanis luncheon. We are obligated to pay for 20 meals each week—even if our members don’t buy meals. It hurts our Administrative Fund if you skip lunch. 
  • A member’s dues for the entire year should be paid by Oct. 1, the first day of the new Kiwanis year. Your dues are essential to the organization.

Nearly all of our fund-raising efforts support the Service Foundation, which pays the cost of Kiwanis giving. Our dues, on the other hand, support the Administrative Fund, which pays our meeting-room rent, our luncheon costs, and the cost of sending members to Southwest District and Kiwanis International events. Kiwanis rules require that money from the Service Foundation and the Administrative Fund must never be intermingled or used interchangeably. Service money goes for service projects. Dues pay Administrative Fund costs.


  • If you have questions about Kiwanis, please ask your sponsor or one of the officers. If you have good ideas, please share them. And if you have special skills or interests, let us know so that we can take full advantage of them and become a better organization.