Los Alamos
Serving the Children of the World

New Officers Elected

Kiwanis chose its 2016-2017 officers during the meeting on May 24, 2016, voting unanimous acceptance of the Nominating Committee’s recommendations. The new officers officially started their terms on Oct. 1, 2016. Here’s the list:

President—Chuck Kooshian

First Vice President—Jordan Garcia

Second Vice President—Philo Shelton

Treasurer—Cindy Eaton

Secretary—Louise Mendius

Board of Directors Members—Bob Carlos, Linda Daly, John Arrowsmith, Fran Berting, and Lana Schulte


Committees, Chairmen, and Work They Do





July 4th Event

Steve Boerigter

Planning, coordination, and general leadership to put on the July 4th celebration event. This is the most significant annual fund-raiser for the club.

Childrens Reading

Steve Boerigter

Coordination of weekly-reading volunteers who go to elementary classrooms and read with or two students.

Aluminum Collection

Bob Carlos

Coordination of the semi-monthly aluminum collection. This collection raises money for the service fund and provides a community service.

Post 20

Bob Carlos

Work with Explorer Post 20.


Don Casperson

Coordination of elementary school children’s volunteer clubs currently active at Barranca Mesa and Aspen Elementary Schools. Clubs meet each week during the school year.

Builders Club

Don Casperson

Coordination of Builders Club, the Los Alamos Middle School students’ volunteer club that focuses on service leadership. The club meets each week during the school year.


Roger Stutz

Preparation for the weekly Tuesday Kiwanis meeting. This committee ensures proper location amenities and works with the caterer.


Sharon Stover

Review of Los Alamos High School scholarship applications. The club distributes more than $15,000 in scholarships each year.

Pancake Breakfast

John Arrowsmith

Planning and execution of the three annual Kiwanis pancake breakfasts—spring, fall, and Christmas Season (Breakfast With Santa).


Kristy Ortega

Coordination of activities to recruit new members and help retain current members.

Key Club

Morrie Pongrantz/ Don Casperson

Coordination of a Los Alamos High School service leadership club (Key Club) affiliated with Kiwanis. Key Club is a very active club that meets weekly.


Charmian Schaller

Coordination of visits to other Division 3 Kiwanis Clubs. 


Cheryl Pongratz

Coordination of provision of information for the LA Kiwanis website, Facebook, the LA Daily Post, and the Los Alamos Monitor.

Foster Children

Ann Hayes

Coordination of the annual Foster Children’s Christmas Party in Española.

Boys and Girls

Kathy Hirons / Linda Daly

Coordination of grant-making for local charities, persons, or other children-focused activities. This committee regularly handles Kiwanis donation of more than $15,000 per year.

Autumn Wine Dinner

Lisa Wismer

Coordination of the annual “upscale” fund-raising event—including related activities such as advertising and and the sale of tickets.

Science Fair

Roger Stutz

Coordination of the judging of exhibits and the distribution of Kiwanis awards at the January Los Alamos Science Fair. This committee regularly distributes $1500 in awards.

Kentucky Derby Party

Lisa Wismer

Coordination of the annual spring fund-raising event focused on activities related to the Kentucky Derby.

July 4th Fireworks

Pat Soran

Planning and coordination of the fireworks display for the 4th of July.


Charmian Schaller

Preparation and distribution of a weekly Newsletter for the club. 


Cheryl Pongratz/ Charmian Schaller

Planning, scheduling, and coordination of the weekly speaker.

Entrance Park

Paul Cunningham

Planning and coordiantion of work in Kiwanis (Entrance) Park.